What is Ecoleave?

ecoleave is an online leave application system that provides employees and management a platform to effectively manage leaves applications and approvals.


Paperwork, files and folders can be very messy. What’s more? It can get lost easily. This online leave management system ensures no missing employee files, reduces space in your work environment and reduces the use of paper.

Go eco-friendly!


online anytime, anywhere and on any gadget using ecoleave leave application software.

Approval can now be updated of leave applicants and employees are notified of their leave status, instantly via emails.


Time efficiency is a significant aspect of any business survival. This cloud based leave application system helps to save time, especially for the HR admin, which will no longer have to deal with piles of leave applications, approvals and filings.

UBS Payroll Integration

A good e-leave management plays a critical role in ensuring smooth payroll administration.

Able to import employees payroll from UBS Payroll to reduce double work and produce e-Payslip. Currently, it’s the only system that can link to the UBS Payroll, thus increasing work effectiveness.

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